naeso: local

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Sifi bu dakai naeso.
/ˈ bu da.kaˈi naˈ
unreliable TOP network local
The local area network is unreliable.
Audio recording by Fenhl

Naeso as an adjective/adverb means local, and it is also the name of the language. We chose this word as the name of the language because it was one of our first example words, and we chose it as the first NWotD because it is the name of the language.

The idea behind using the word for local as the name for the language stems from the idea that the question “what language are you speaking” could be answered with “the local one”.

With Naeso being a language for IRC, this is quite ironic, as there is no such thing as a place where Naeso is the local language. Not in the traditional sense at least. However, it makes sense to treat a chatroom as a place. And thus, someone who joined the channel could get this reply.

In #naeso on Freenode, the channel where we, the creators of Naeso, meet to discuss changes, we take this idea a step further by calling people who have been around for a while locals, and referring to them with a different pronoun, pae.